What's up? I hope you guys are ready. Now we're going to take it on the …

What's up? I hope you guys are ready. Now we're going to take it on the top alright? Top Rock. The introduction to your story. Whenever you come into the cypher which is the circle where all the boys are at or even in the show you have to do your Top Rock or else you're not a b-boy. How are you going to enter the circle? How are you going to enter the circle? Alright so top rock is essential. It doesn't have to be crazy. I'm going to help to show you guys make it look a lot better alright? It's all about the angles and the lines just like any art form. I'm going to keep telling you this. Repetition is key. Alright? It's not like that. No. You have to create the line. You've got to lean forward. Be you. Be individual. Use the hands. Use the legs. Bam. You know? That's it. You know? Use your hips. Pow. Alright. One thing that's very important that a lot of people don't know – it's a secret alright? So. Check it out. These are four points alright? Your hips and your shoulders. You want them to cross alright? So look at the four different points where they go. Boom. See my hips are going that way my shoulders are going that way. It looks a lot different than this right? Boom. See that? Boom. Even when I do the cross steps see where my shoulders go? The opposite direction of my hips. Boom. Even with the side step. Bah bah. See you're watching right? Because I know I'm showing you. Alright so now check it. I'm going to show you a more advanced step. Alright so we're going to do a little hop. So we're going to go from here jump around to the next step. Alright? So I didn't go from here to here. I skipped over to the other spot. Bam. See that? So how do we do that? I'm going to show you. Right foot there. Right? So you're going to jump off your left foot. Your right foot is going to go around while you spin on your left right? So spin on your left. Jump to your right foot. Go to the other side. Alright? Same thing on the other side. Alright? Left leg's going to pick up spin around on your right foot. Jump up. Left foot. Bam. Right foot. Alright once again spin around jump land. One more again. Alright? Remember the four points. Make it look different. Face in different directions. Top rock. So another secret for top rock is use your forward moves in your top rock and vice versa. Top rock footwork. You could do the six step in top rock. What? How? I'm going to show you. Check it out. One two three four. Looks like a different step right? Same thing with six step. One two three turn around four five six. One two three four five six. Now if I did it faster. Listen to the drums yeah? Oh snap. Use your hands. Very important. Or else it'll just look like this. Got to use your hands.

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